FlyAsia 是什麼?



FlyAsia 的宗旨不單是為你尋找便宜的機票

舉一個例子,超市有賣幾款不同的蘋果,價格也自然有不同,但如果這時指著超市裡最便宜的那款蘋果,並宣稱它是市場上最便宜的,這話也太沒有說服力。因為或許走兩步到旁邊的街市(菜市場),貨比三家後才可以將之宣稱為最便宜。FlyAsia 所指的「便宜」是貨比三家後的便宜。這也是為什麼在顯示優惠機票時,FlyAsia 往往都會引導你去 Momondo 這類機票比價網站結算的原因,而非單單採用一家網上旅行社(例如:Expedia/ Hutchngo/ …)的價格。


世界很大,FlyAsia 想跟你一起探索不同國度

日本、韓國、泰國是最熱門的旅遊地點,也很容易買到舒適的假期。但旅行的想像還可以很廣闊,可以是去西伯利亞感受寒冬、去中亞看看斯坦們美麗的土地⋯⋯ FlyAsia 相信旅人都是充滿好奇心的一群,只要有了價錢的誘因,大家定必更有興趣去多看看多走走。所以你可以預期的,是會出現一些只聽過名字,但未曾深入了解的國家或地方名,而非聽到東京、首爾這些大熱門的名字。


FlyAsia 希望大家可以早點睡,不用 12 點還在搶票


健康很重要。所以 FlyAsia 希望能夠做到的,是找出一些有效性較長的機票優惠,至少一覺醒來後仍可買到那機票。所以大家閒時也可以用上面的分類,翻翻有沒有自己想要的機票。這願景執行起來困難得很,就只希望可以慢慢做好,但我會想點出這樣的願景,讓大家有其同的語言。


而以上的三點,就是 FlyAsia 與其它賣機票的網站最不同的地方。


Who are you? Why are you setting up this site?

Hey dear. I’m a wanderlust from Hong Kong.

I dream to travel around the world, so I tried my very best to escape from Hong Kong with limited budget. Therefore, it would be ideal that if I could use the same amount of money, but grabbing some more cities into my pocket. And this is how I get started to learn the magic of flying.

I know that you may share the same dream as mine, so do the difficulties. And that’s why I am setting up this page and share you the magic that I have learned. I wanna fly you from Asia to somewhere else in the world to start your adventure at an affordable price. Don’t just limit yourself to the big cities nearby as your travel destination.


I would love to travel to big cities like Shanghai, Tokyo or Seoul. Why I seldom find these deals on your page?

The truth is all these cities are major airport in Asia, and that means it is common to have connecting flights in these cities. Look further and someday you will come across these cities as a free stopover anyway. And that’s the reason for not having much deal on them.