Seoul to Lima, Peru from USD790 only!

  Flights from Seoul to Lima, Peru take you from USD790. 首爾出發到秘魯利馬的航班就只需 HKD6,178/TWD23,923,而平日由香港/台北飛往利馬的航線往往都索價五位數,所以還是值得去首爾出發,也順便玩玩韓國 :p

Hong Kong to Buenos Aires, Argentina from USD986!

Flights from Hong Kong to Buenos Aires, Argentina take you from USD986. But you will be traveling with United Airlines, get prepared! 香港出發到阿根廷 布宜諾斯艾利斯航班就只需 HKD7,711,而平日由香港飛往南美洲的航線往往都索價五位數

Direct! Hong Kong to Guam from USD326!

After hkexpress’ withdrawal, United Airlines’ flight to Guam monopolized the market again. With USD326, you can visit Guam with your check-ed bags now! 你大概聽過關島,但隨著香港快運退出這航線後,去關島也就剩下聯合航空這選擇。但幸好聯航的機票也沒有太貴,HKD2,550就可以連托運行李地去到關島。